We are a site, that is constantly writing reviews for products sold through by different online vendors. We started out as a site, just writing reviews about products sold through Clickbank, but we are now reviewing products sold through multiple different vendors.

We bring you the most in depth, honest, and ubiased reviews on the Internet.

This is because it is very hard to find a legitimate review online because reviews of products, and ebooks are often written by the creators of the products. Some reviews are not even reviews at all, and are sites that steal related content from other sites, and then post positive sounding information about the product. There are literally automated review sites that write cookie cutter reviews about products that are created with absolutely no research or product testing. These reviews are obviously going to be very positive toward the specific product, and rule out all the competitors as scams or simply bad products. Since all of these biased reviews are being put on the Internet, we decided to take a path that seems to be taken very rarely.

We research each product we review thoroughly, and bring you a comprehensive analysis on what the product has to offer, and whether it delivers on it’s promises.

We have not created any of the products on this site, and we really do not care if you purchase the products we review or not. We just wanted to create a site to cut through all the crap, and bring consumers honest, and frank reviews about products or ebooks they are interested in.

If you are interested in having us doing a review for a product, we would be glad to. Be warned though, we’re going to tell it like it is. If you would be interested in us writing a review for our product, visit the contact page to get in touch.